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Change your heart; change your life!


 Our Values:


Our Philosophy:

We believe that...
Distorted thinking is at the heart of criminal behavior; therefore treatment should be focused on impacting the thought processes of offenders.

The criminal may not be responsible for the unfortunate circumstances of their upbringing; however, these misfortunes may not be utilized as justification for criminal behavior.

Criminals are not hapless victims of society, but are more often victimizers of family, friends, educators and employers.

Not all offenders belong in institutions or jails.  There are qualified community programs which have the ability to impose sanctions and impact criminal behavior at
a cost effective rate.

We cannot build our way out of prison overcrowding:  community options must be utilized.

Cognitive thinking skills must be developed in order to promote a change in the life
of the offender.


Agency Objectives:

The motto of our Agency, "Change Your Heart, Change Your Life", guides our staff and our clients to focus on the values that are foundational to our mission and objectives.  Our senior management team collectively has over 65 years of experience working within the behavioral health field and provides key stability and training to the organization to ensure we remain dedicated to our mission as well as sensitive to the requirements of our contract sources.