Our Agency has been providing services in the field of corrections since 1976.

New Beginnings Treatment Center, Inc. is licensed by the
Arizona Department of Health Services.

Oracle Facility
2445 North Oracle Road
Stone Ave. Facility
2937 North Stone Avenue
Our Philosophy
We believe that...

Distorted thinking is at the heart of criminal behavior; therefore treatment should be
focused on impacting the thought processes of offenders.

The criminal may not be responsible for the unfortunate circumstances of their
upbringing; however, these misfortunes may not be utilized as justification for
criminal behavior.

Criminals are not hapless victims of society, but are more often victimizers of family,
friends, educators and employers.

Not all offenders belong in institutions or jails.  There are qualified community
programs which have the ability to impose sanctions and impact criminal behavior at
a cost effective rate.

We cannot build our way out of prison overcrowding:  community options must be

Cognitive thinking skills must be developed in order to promote a change in the life
of the offender.
Our Mission
New Beginnings Treatment Center, Inc. is committed to providing an evolving
treatment alternative to our community and our participants in a safe and supportive
environment that demands accountability and responsibility.  We emphasize
community reintegration through a structured and cognitive teaching process
empowering our participants to forge life long changes through their recognition of
responsible thinking and behavior so they may become contributing members of their
Programs Offered
Intake & Assessment
Substance Abuse Treatment
Corrective Thinking Program
Job Development
Life Skills Training
Family Group
Anger Management
Individual & Group Counseling
Educational Programs
Victim Impact Programs
GPS Services
A Residential Re-entry and Community Treatment Agency